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Primarily, this happens due to the effect that in spite of the currency of the nation suffering a state of depreciation, the total value with respect to imports would increase. However, the exports of the country remain static until the trade contracts that pre-exist would play out. The given set of parallel actions is known to shift the given trade balance.


The theory claims that with economic growth comes inflation, which in turn should lead to more jobs and less unemployment. However, the original concept has been somewhat disproven empirically due to the occurrence of stagflation in the 1970s, when there were high levels of both inflation and unemployment. If tax rates are very high, and then they are cut, it can create an incentive for business to expand and people to work longer.

Environmental Kuznets Curve

The bacterial population density was measured using spectrophotometer and is shown in the following table. The density of population can alter by the influence of abiotic factors such as temperature, wind, humidity, rainfall, intensity of light. The population density can also affected by the biotic factors like organisms of other species living in the same area with different types of food relationships.

With income level as the x-axis and expenditures as the y-axis, the Engel curves show upward slopes for normal goods, which have a positive income elasticity of demand. Inferior goods, with negative income elasticity, assume negative slopes for their Engel curves. In the case of food, the Engel curve is concave downward with a positive but decreasing slope. In Figure 1, commerce starts in excellent steadiness, however depreciation at time zero causes an immediate commerce deficit of fifty million dollars.

  • As a result, given the quick-run combination supply curve the levels of GDP and worth stage will increase.
  • But, after exceeding a certain amount of government spending, government taxes and intervention diminishes economic performance and growth rates.
  • It offers assurances to the importer that the value of the watches will remain fastened.
  • Thus in the months following a greenback depreciation, contract renegotiations will gradually happen, inflicting eventual, but slow, adjustments within the costs and portions traded.

Here, the line first https://1investing.in/s and then gradually starts rising and keeps rising above the starting point. Ltd. makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, on products offered through the platform. It accepts no liability for any damages or losses, however caused, in connection with the use of, or on the reliance of its product or related services. Over the period of the long haul, increasing numbers of foreign customers might consider bumping up the overall purchase of products that are coming into the country from another country having devalued currency. The given products now tend to become cheaper in comparison to the products that are produced domestically. The area between the straight and curved lines represent the Gini coefficient.

The Engel curve describes how the spending on a certain good varies with household income. The shape of an Engel curve is impacted by demographic variables, such as age, gender, and educational level, as well as other consumer characteristics. Understanding the Phillips curve in light of consumer and worker expectations, shows that the relationship between inflation and unemployment may not hold in the long run, or even potentially in the short run. The black line represents the fictional line called the line of equality i.e. the ideal graph when income or wealth is equally distributed amongst the population. This condition simply states that Currency Devaluation will improve the Balance of Payments only when the sum of demand elasticity for imports & exports is greater than 1.

The Marshall–Lerner condition (after Alfred Marshall and Abba P. Lerner) is satisfied if the absolute sum of a rustic’s export and import demand elasticities is bigger than one. As the dollar depreciation continues, and as contracts start to be renegotiated, merchants will adjust quantities demanded. Since the dollar depreciation causes imported items to turn out to be more expensive to U.S. residents, the amount of imported items demanded and purchased will fall. Similarly, exported items will seem cheaper to foreigners, and so as their contracts are renegotiated, they will begin to increase demand for U.S. exports.

Factors affecting its shape

This helps in presenting smaller deficit and increased surplus in comparison to the figures before the process of devaluation. Effectively, the same economic rationale gets applied to opposite cases in which a nation would experience an appreciation in the currency –eventually resulting in the formation of an inverted J Curve. The Bank of Japan, since 2016, has targeted the 10-year yield while the Reserve Bank of Australia has been targeting the 3-year yield since March 2020. In tandem with the current pandemic scenario, the Federal Reserve has been heavily purchasing assets, mainly treasury bonds, agency backed mortgage security and foreign exchange swaps. In other words, the Fed has been heavily injecting cash into the economy and particularly lending it directly to the US Government. The balance sheet today exceeds $7 trillion compared to the post 2008 crisis levels of $3 trillion, exemplifying the new era of monetary policy.

In the graph, the X-axis is known to analyze either one or two conditions that are treatable . The Y-axis is known to represent the chances of the patient developing cardiovascular problems. By submitting this form I authorize Fincash.com to call/SMS/email me about its products and I accept the terms of Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Transcript : American Hotel Income Properties REIT LP, Q4 2022 Earnings Call, Mar 01, 2023 – Marketscreener.com

Transcript : American Hotel Income Properties REIT LP, Q4 2022 Earnings Call, Mar 01, 2023.

Posted: Wed, 01 Mar 2023 18:00:00 GMT [source]

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The concept of the J Curve serves to be a tool that is made use of across several fields. For instance, in the field of private equity, J Curve can be used for demonstrating how private Equity Funds ushered traditionally in negative returns after the starting post-launch years. However, later on, they started experiencing the gains after finding the respective footing.

Let’s assume a scenario where there are not many jobs in the labour market. The Phillips curve was a concept used to guide macroeconomic policy in the 20th century, but was called into question by the stagflation of the 1970’s. Equally, if tax rates are 100% – then the government would also get zero revenue – because there is no point in working.

What is ‘Indifference Curve’

Of improve, decrease, or stay the same, the effect on U.S. exports within the brief run because of a U.S. dollar depreciation in accordance with the J-curve concept. Of worth of U.S. imports or quantity of U.S. imports, this is expected to rise in the short run after a dollar depreciation in accordance with the J-curve principle. This example illustrates how the trade balance deteriorated after a sudden depreciation within the yen, owing largely to the fact the amount of exports and imports took time to answer value alerts. Mainly, this delay is as a result of effect that even after a nation’s currency experiences a depreciation, the total value of imports will likely improve.

It can be used to show the effectiveness of a government policy to help redistribute income. The impact of a particular policy introduced can be shown with the help of the Lorenz curve, how the curve has moved closer to the perfect equality line post-implementation of that policy. This curve is used in the medicine, political science, economics, and in business. The absolute equality which is plotted as a Lorenz curve is a straight diagonal line whose slope is always 1.

J Curve: Theory, Its Uses, and an Example – Investopedia

J Curve: Theory, Its Uses, and an Example.

Posted: Sat, 25 Mar 2017 23:39:00 GMT [source]

A second observation can be made that the yield curve is now steeper than before, particularly the part of the curve corresponding to the longer maturities. In other words, the spread or difference in the yields for long-term and short-term bonds is now larger. One simple explanation can be found in surveys regarding the expected economic outlook. Even though the forecasts for 2021 are positive with expectation of lower risk and relatively large scale economic expansion, the forecasts for 2020 remain dismal.

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On the contrary, the appreciation of a national forex will have reverse effect. So much so that the demand for even risky bonds (non-AAA rated entities) has increased. In the government securities market, we can see that the premium has stabilised over the last month which suggests that while the yield curve has not flattened, it hasn’t become steeper either. As economic growth arises from the production of beneficial products, it normally increases the earnings of workers and investors who partake in the first flow of innovation. This inequality, though, leads to being short-lived as laborers and investors who were originally left behind quickly catch up by supporting offers of either identical or more useful products. The steeper the positive part of the J curve, the quicker cash is returned to investors.


The offer curve was first derived by English economists Edgeworth and Marshall to help explain international trade. The Beveridge curve usually slopes downwards because times when there is high job vacancy in an economy are also marked by relatively low unemployment since companies may actually be actively looking to hire new people. By the same logic, a low job vacancy rate usually corresponds with high unemployment as companies may not be looking to hire many people in new jobs. The higher the wage rate offered, the more is the supply of labour evident. Over the long haul, giant numbers of international shoppers may bump up their purchases of merchandise which come into their country from the nation with the devalued currency. These merchandise now become cheaper relative to domestically-produced merchandise.

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The fundamental difference between the different kinds of recovery is the time taken for economic activity to normalize. Typically, indifference curves are shown convex to the origin, and no two indifference curves ever intersect. Then the response to the curve, which is to an increase in imports as exports remain static, is a rebound, forming a “J” shape. Nordic countries that have low inequality and low elasticity fall at the bottom of the curve. Due to the high level of unemployment, the current rate is much less than Rs 100 per hour.

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But somej-curve definitions, this concept does not work instantly as importers and exporters hold binding agreements to deliver the commodities in the future. So, even when the currency depreciates and irrespective of foreign currency exchange rates, the exporters and importers will conduct the trade as decided earlier. Please read the scheme information and other related documents carefully before investing. Please consider your specific investment requirements before choosing a fund, or designing a portfolio that suits your needs. The following graph shows the spread between 1 year and 10 year bonds in India from Jan 1, 2020 to June 29, 2020.

The level of unequal distribution increases when the Lorenz curve drifts away from the baseline. In economics, the Lorenz curve is used to represent inequality of either income or wealth. Note that wealth and income should not be used as synonyms as it is possible that an individual with high net worth can have low income and an individual with a high income have a low net worth. The Laffer Curve expresses that assuming tax rates are expanded over a specific level, then tax revenues can really fall on the grounds that higher tax rates deter individuals from working. The curve is used to represent Laffer’s debate that seldom lessening tax rates can raise total tax benefits.

The theoretical maximum production of new individuals under ideal conditions is known as “Absolute” or “Physiological or maximum natality”. The “Actual birth rate” under existing conditions much lesser than “absolute natality” is called realized natality. The population density and population size increases at higher realized natality rate. The population growth curve represents the growth of the population over a span of time. Growth curves can be linear, exponential, or cubic depending on the fragments of the population given. The Rahn Curve suggests that there is an optimal level of government spending which maximises the rate of economic growth.

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